ZebTEC Genotyping Solutions

Designed to provide fish with the optimal water quality after fin clipping and waiting for PCR results

Benefits include;

  • Dedicated 0.7L tanks with a gentle water recirculation.
  • Available with lid and divider.
  • Single or double fish housing (with divider).
  • Each tank is identified by letters and numbers.
  • 12 sliding trays with 12 tanks each for a total number of 288 fish corresponding to three 96 well plates.
  • Tanks are located in specific trays inserted in dedicated frames.
  • If required, frames and trays can be removed too.
  • Dedicated tray inlet valve to guarantee water recirculation through tanks.
  • Painted 316L stainless steel rack structure and tank identification.
  • Available for stand-alone, multi linking, palletised or fully customised system.

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