DVC® LITE improves the workflow in your Facility, reduces running costs and enables facility managers to track cage location. Real time reports always keep you updated about your Facility status.

  • DVC Components: DGM Rack or 2GM Rack, DVC Lite Sensor plates, RFID top holder(s); RFID reader(s); DVC master; DVC software
  • Due to the commonality of the system’s components, you could incorporate DVC® Lite and DVC® to achieve a full digital facility

5 modules to continuously capture and record data about conditions, events and activity inside the cage, without disturbing or affecting the animals:

  • BEDDING CONDITION MODULE – schedule the cage changing based on calendar, number of animals, or research protocols.
  • LEAK DETECTION SYSTEM – detects water leakage inside the cage as small as 100 to 150ml and sends an automatic alarm to operators for immediate action
  • DVC FACILITY PLANNER – to improve daily workflow, task assignment and utilization of resources
  • CAGE IDENTIFICATION MODULE – to easily identify cages that need special attention or follow up (through the web interface the operator have a snap shot of the rack - Rack View)
  • INVENTORY MODULE – detect cage occupancy, locate cages in real-time and providing automatic billing

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