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At Tecniplast, we have always believed that our strength lies in our people. That's why we consider it essential to recognize and enhance their merit, pursuing sustainability, equality, and respect as key principles of our corporate culture to promote organizational well-being.

It is in this context that we are proud to announce the introduction of Tecniplast's Gender Equality Policy, which goes hand in hand with the creation of a Gender Equality Management System in compliance with UNI/PdR 125:2022.

Our goal is to promote a concrete culture of inclusive access to corporate positions and career growth to support female empowerment, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees by pursuing gender equality.

To translate this approach into reality, we have turned our intentions into concrete goals, whose achievement will also be monitored through key performance indicators (KPIs). Our objectives and interventions are pervasive in all areas, encompassing:

For us at Tecniplast, gender equality is an essential element of civilization and the affirmation of universal rights. Creating and nurturing a culture of gender equality with daily actions is, we are sure, the basis for generating value and supporting development, ensuring excellent performance based on merit and long-term sustainability.

Because at Tecniplast, we don't make differences. At Tecniplast, we make the difference!