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ATLANTIS Cage and Rack Washer

NEW Benchmark in operational efficiency.

  • The most innovative, efficient, and flexible cage and rack washer in the market.
  • Available in three configurations EASY, EVO, and XL, based on the chamber size, the level of performance, applications, and optional features  Ask for details.

Characteristics vary depending on configuration. Check details with your representative.

  • Flexibility, modularity, energy efficiency
  • High throughput: Up to 1000 mice cages per hour
  • "Building friendly" for installation in wall-to-wall narrower spaces with just a 100 mm shallower sump
  • Unique vapor exhaust heat recovery system. No need of HVAC systems, even when performing H2O2 decontamination cycles
  • Built-in H2O2 generator for turn-key package decontamination
  • Innovative HMI for easy programming and control
  • Supporting remote control, tele-service, and data management functions