Zebtec Stand-alone Toxicological Rack
// April, 2017

Zebtec Stand-alone Toxicological Rack

The Toxicological rack provides an ideal solution for fish that are to be exposed to specific compounds or drugs inside each housing tank.  The ‘flow through’ design enables two settings of ‘single exchange’ (at a specified time) or ‘continuous exchange’ (every hour) of water.

·       Designed as a flow-through (single pass) system

·       Three row rack for a total of 30 tanks with patented 2 way valve

·       Rack equipped with three supply solenoid valves to separately open/close the water flow in each row: refreshes a pre-set small volume of water at specific intervals to provide fish with the ideal water conditions

·       The automatic water exchange inside the tanks can be programmed as ‘single’ or ‘continuous’ exchange over a specific time period.

·       Each tank is equipped with a drain overflow pipe to maintain constant volume of water

·       Two buffering tanks and two buffering pumps for automated dosing of pH and conductivity – maintains ideal water parameters

·       Monitoring system for temperature, pH and conductivity in the sump. The ideal water parameters and alarm thresholds are set in the touch screen

·       Water parameters monitored 24h/day and displayed on the touchscreen

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