Tecniplast Putting Health & Safety First
// January, 2018

Tecniplast Putting Health & Safety First

We all have legal responsibility for Health & Safety and here at Tecniplast we make sure we are one step ahead of the game. As part of this drive we have just undertaken the IOSH Health & Safety Certificate, a 4 day intensive training course. We now have fully qualified IOSH representatives in our Project Management Team, Technical Services Department, Engineer Team and Operations Department. All levels of staff from Directors to Team Leaders to Co-ordinator to Engineer are now qualified.

The course covered all areas of managing Health & Safety, such as: assessing and controlling risks; understanding and controlling hazards in the workplace; investigating incidents; auditing, and proactive/reactive performance measuring.

At Tecniplast we are always keen to invest in our staff so that we can bring the best possible working practices to you and your facility. We strongly believe that good H&S practice is key to a successful installation and servicing relationship.

"As a group, the course gave us chance to discuss the ways we would all approach Health & Safety in respect of our differing roles within the company.  It made us realise that even though the perception of Health & Safety is often seen as just “common sense”, it is actually “common knowledge” that needs to be communicated in the workplace to ensure a safe working environment." Project Manager, Tecniplast

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