Tecniplast Analysis - Supporting Scientific Research
// May, 2017

Tecniplast Analysis - Supporting Scientific Research


Tecniplast Analysis product range is specifically designed and developed to meet Scientific Research requirements. The range includes Metabolic and Diuresis Cages and Activity Wheels.

Tecniplast Metabolic Cages provide a perfect separation of faeces' and urine through the specially designed funnel and separation cone. The system is designed to minimise animal stress: The drawer-style design of the feeder allows easy filling and all parts below the cage floor are removable without disturbing the animals, this includes urine and faeces' collection tubes.
"Injection moulded precision made components for precise results"
E-Chiller provides a simple solution for maintaining the collected samples from Tecniplast metabolism cages at ideal conditions for your research.
The electronic chilling device operates with all Tecniplast rodent metabolic cages, from single mouse to large rats, capable of keeping urine and faeces at a constant low temperature for a set period of time. The fine control offered by the system provides researchers with complete control over the temperature of their samples during their metabolic research protocols.
"Allows you to remove another variable from your research"
Rodent Activity Wheel provides an easy, convenient method for measuring lab rodents' physical activity in response to chemical or environmental stimuli.
"Available for rats and mice, an essential tool for any lab"
If you would like to find out more about how the Tecnniplast Analysis Products can support Scientific Research please contact your Account Manager or call us on 0345 050 4556.

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