Single Use Mouse Cage: High Performance IVC Disposable Cage!
// May, 2018

Single Use Mouse Cage: High Performance IVC Disposable Cage!

The Single Use Mouse Cage (SUMC) is a disposable version of our industry leading GM500 Greenline IVC cage. Made from recycled plastic, the system provides the traditional Tecniplast IVC performance and reliability and fits existing Greenline racks.

SUMC is designed for special/temporary applications and is complementary to durable cages. It is suitable for many purposes including: Animal transportation, Quarantine, Contingency caging in case of an emergency, Temporary housing solutions, Irradiation studies, Satellite facilities with limited washing capabilities, Work in biotech start-up companies with limited resources, to mention just a few.

Why use the Tecniplast Single Use Mouse Cage (SUMC)...


Animal Welfare and Ergonomics

  • ​As with all our caging the SUMC has been configured with the air inlet and outlet nozzles at the top of the cage to avoid air draughts and animal stress.
  • Designed in transparent A-PET plastic to provide great visibility during daily checks.
  • It is possible to stack 115 cage bases in 1 metre to save space. A great space saving for any facility.

The SUMC is ready for you to use...

  • The SUMC can be delivered to your facility complete with irradiated bedding and pre-filled water bottle.
  • The bedding is delivered in a paper tissue 'tea-bag' which is placed inside the cage (this has the added advantage for being built in paper enrichment!)
  • The bedding types available are Aspen or Corn Cob bedding.

The Single Use Mouse Cage provides your facility with the flexibility it needs!


​Alternatively, Tecniplast offer single use Cage Liners to fit inside existing IVC Green Line caging.



To see a sample of the SUMC please contact your Account Manager or call us on 0345 050 4556

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