NEW! 1.7Ltr sloping breeding tank – promoting natural spawning behaviour
// March, 2016

NEW! 1.7Ltr sloping breeding tank – promoting natural spawning behaviour

The new 1.7Ltr sloping breeding tank exemplifies Tecniplast’s innovative approach to Zebrafish spawning, helping to complete the already expansive breeding solution range. The unique beach style creates a larger surface area to spawn over and with a deeper resting area, which promotes natural mating behaviours

Our latest innovation gives facilities of all sizes the chance to utilise the well documented success of the natural breeding approach. The new design is fully moulded and includes a removable divider allowing for greater flexibility with breeding times and number of fish being used.

The benefits include;

  • Flexibility in use: the new addition of a removable divider allows fish to be set up in small groups and crossed for timed matings. Without the divider, fish can be set up in larger uncontrolled groups to obtain higher numbers of embryos
  • Robust design: each tank component is moulded in high quality polycarbonate providing a product with unrivalled longevity
  • Increased embryo production: the innovative design of the inner part of the tank has a deep water area which allows fish to rest during spawning. A curved slope leads to the shallowest part of the tank which helps to promote the natural spawning behaviour of the fish for increased embryo production
  • Bio-security: all tank components are autoclave and are compatible with the 650A tank washer to ensure that they are completely clean between breeding set-ups.
  • Maximum use of space: the small size and ability to stack the tanks enable maximum use of available space during breeding and when stored. This means many tanks can be set up within a small footprint.

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