Introducing the WiFlow Air Handling Unit
// March, 2016

Introducing the WiFlow Air Handling Unit

The WiFlow Air Handling Unit integrates the latest monitoring technology with proven air handling unit capability. The DC power saving fans from the “Smartflow” and “Easyflow” continue to be used within this new AHU guaranteeing prolonged filter life and no vibration transfer to the rack.

The new technology will simply connect to each WiFlow’s local WiFi Hotspot. This is known as “One 2 One” AHU technology.

This flexibility means you can carry out temperature and humidity checks from outside the holding rooms without compromising your clean status. Additionally, if you need to check that the units within a specific holding room are working at the correct pressure regime, this too can now be done remotely.

This technology gives facilities an affordable integrated method of controlling all Air Handling Units and saving your staff time when carrying out their daily checks.

To find out more about the features and benefits of the WiFlow please visit the WiFlow Product Page. For more information please contact your Account Manager or call 0345 0504556.

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