Introducing the latest Zebrafish Net
// Aug, 2016

Introducing the latest Zebrafish Net

The humble fish net is used every day in your facilities without much of a second thought. So should all nets just be a square or rectangular frame with a mesh 'bag' at the end? 

Well, Tecniplast thinks differently. 

A net should be: 

  • Shaped to the tank to ensure your fish are netted first time reducing stress
  • Autoclavable for full decontamination when required
  • Available in different colours - blue and yellow: main holding room and quarantine room equipment can be differentiated - no cross contamination
  • Flexible for improved ergonomics - the handle can be adjusted to improve usability and speed up the netting process
  • High quality - the usual Tecniplast quality material and manufacturing process
  • Good looking - the handle is designed as a zebrafish and enables the net to be hung up

The ZebTEC nets are available as singles or in packs for all tank sizes, and are a great complimentary addition to your ZebTEC system whether it's a standalone or centralised facility.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact your Account Manager or call 0345 050 4556.


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