Interceptor: Testing and Validation with Mouse Norovirus (MNV)
// March, 2016

Interceptor: Testing and Validation with Mouse Norovirus (MNV)

Several studies have been undertaken to compare the new technology with the standard method of Used Bedding Sentinel serology. A field study in an MNV infected unit comprising 13 animal rooms compared 98 quarterly monitoring periods. Environmental sampling from the pre-filter location of the Tecniplast Air Handling Unit detected 97% of infections whereas serology of weekly exposed UBS detected only 34%.

As the MNV prevalence of the mouse colonies monitored in this study was determined to be high, the following conclusion could be drawn from the study:

  • MNV infections, even at high prevalence, were mostly overlooked by UBS serology
  • Dust PCR reliably detects MNV infections at high prevalence.

In order to get a better idea of the sensitivity of the new technology, a study with a known (low) prevalence of MNV was conducted. Six monitoring periods of at least 12 weeks were performed. Tissue placed in the exhaust air pre-filter was tested weekly and compared to UBS serology tested after 12 or 13 week exposure to dirty bedding.

In summary the following results were obtained:

  • Dust PCR detected MNV in all monitoring periods, UBS serology only detected MNV in 1 out of 6 monitoring periods
  • Dust PCR detected a minimum of 5 MNV-positive animals within one week showing that dust PCR exhibits high sensitivity and time resolution

Additional agents, traditionally difficult to detect by the Used Bedding Sentinels system, were recently tested by EAP (Exhaust Air Particles)  PCR and (preliminary) results are summarized in Table 1


Soiled Bedding Sentinel

Pre-filter EAP PCR

minimum prevalence for positive result with EAP PCR within 1 week




1/63 cages

Pasturella pneumotropica



1/63 cages

Helicobacter hepaticus




Table 1. Detection of agents at low prevalence (1 to 5 cages per rack of 63 cages)

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