Integration - You know it makes sense!
// April, 2017

Integration - You know it makes sense!

Definition: Integration is the act of bringing together smaller components into a single system that functions as one.

You get few chances in work life to specify new equipment – so it makes great sense to be sure it works together i.e. integrates seamlessly into your work place. Whether it’s a complete new build to equip or just a small refresh, sparing time to consider the impact of your purchase can save you lots of heartache!

Or of course you can talk to the integration experts – Tecniplast. Our complete product range is designed to work together in a complimentary way – so you get systems and not stand alone items. This becomes particularly evident if you think of the process flow throughout your unit.

Why would you buy cages with dirt traps making them difficult to clean, bottles with narrow necks that can’t be washed, racks that are too heavy to move, that don’t fit the autoclave, change stations that don’t give protection and so on. Obviously if you stand back and think then you wouldn’t start down this road.

So hopefully its good news that we consider all the aspects of product performance and making sure they integrate with one another to give you the most efficient, effective and ergonomic solutions. It’s a fact that Tecniplast invest heavily to ensure all our products are designed to work together.

So, think systems and not items when your chance arises!

Why integrate with Tecniplast?

For new builds or major refurbs there are even greater benefits to thinking integration and greater risks not to – you only get one chance to get it right! Repent at leisure comes to mind.

Selecting Tecniplast to provide the integration throughout the building so, between animal room (IVC caging), the Cage Wash Area (wash, cleanse, automate, decontaminate), and the various logistic flows in between considering safety from allergen exposure, manual handling, ergonomics; its where experience really makes a difference.

When we build a partnership with you, we can develop a clear understanding of how you want your animal unit to function and offer a Turn-Key Solution. As the definition above states - we provide equipment packages designed to interact together into a single system.

Here’s a few ways you can benefit from an integrated equipment package:

  • Ensuring compatibility of material and process e.g. plastics and washing cycles/autoclaving and automation handling. Awareness of interdependencies reduces risk and results in improved performance.
  • The cost and complexity of dealing with multiple suppliers can be high and communication can be complex. By establishing a single supplier process, risks and conflict can be avoided.
  • The shorter the information chain, the more effective and efficient it becomes. Consequently, planning, communication and service will improve, becoming more efficient, with “grey areas” disappearing and any issues which do arise can be handled more effectively.
  • Tecniplast can provides solutions that link equipment and activities across all areas which results in improved workflows, logistics and environment. Reduced risk of conflicting specifications and ensuring staff are motivated.
  • Integration suppliers maintain a clear line of responsibility and liability.
  • Better co-ordination of install teams, equipment and services protects programmes and reduces cost.
  • Offers long term preventative maintenance and service benefits (single source).

Tecniplast believes that Integration is the key part of providing effective solutions to laboratory animal facilities. This and working together with you as a partner, not just a supplier, makes us stand out from rest. We’ve been doing this for 20 years in the UK, you can lean on this experience!

If you are interested in learning more about integrated solutions, please contact us on 0345 050 4556


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