In-Cage GM500 Filter
// October 2015

In-Cage GM500 Filter

Dust content in animal bedding tends to vary between bedding type and even between batches. Dust can even be caused by animal activity and is difficult to eliminate from these natural materials.

To help reduce the build-up of dust within your racks Tecniplast can provide a very simple solution for your GM500 cage. This solution will significantly reduce rack cleaning time and frequency, giving your staff more time to do the things they do best - looking after the animals!

Your solution - the In-Cage GM500 Filter

The new in-cage filter simply clips to the GM500 cage top in front of the exhaust nozzle. Once fitted it never needs to be removed!!

There are no consumable costs; it can be routinely washed and autoclaved whilst remaining fixed to the GM500 cage top. In collecting the dust at cage level your staff will see the benefits when the rack plenums require less cleaning.

Ask your account manager to bring you a sample by calling 0845 050 4556 and talking to your customer care representative!

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