Join the Tecniplast Workshop at LASA
// October 2016

Join the Tecniplast Workshop at LASA

UPDATE on the DVC workshop at the LASA Annual Conference!

New speaker, new focus... from the past president of FELASA -  Dr Jan Bas Prins

Tecniplast have updated this DVC workshop to provide you with everything you need to know about automated home cage monitoring. 

The workshop, which will be held at the LASA Annual Conference, will be run by Dr Jan Bas Prins, Professor of Laboratory Animal Science at the LUMC, Netherlands and Scott Carnell, IVC Specialist, Tecniplast, UK.

'The digital cage: automated home cage monitoring and the benefits to science and animal welfare'

Discover how the different DVC modules can benefit your animals, staff and research through a single piece of technology on your existing IVC racks. We will introduce each module explaining how they work and will benefit a working facility.

We will discuss how DVC has been proven to be a positive addition to existing IVCs and openly share ideas in how you think it could be introduced to different animal facilities.

Dr Jan-Bas will share the results and information already gained from working DVC systems to provide evidence of what can be achieved. This will be another opportunity to discuss as a group the potential uses and questions that you may have about the research potential of DVC.

We will give you an opportunity to get hands on with a working DVC system and see how your staff will interact with this exciting new revolution. 

Brief Itinerary:

  • Introducing DVC. How does it work? What are the potential benefit for researchers and animal facilities?
  • What are the DVC modules? What are their features and benefits? How will it impact workflow?
  • Dr Jan Bas Prins will run through a number of scientific studies that have taken place using the DVC system. He will look at the studies and their results and what this means for you.
  • Practicial Hands On Session: using DVC as a Technician and as a Manager.



Workshop details:

Venue:    LASA Annual Conference

Date:      Tuesday, 22nd November 2016

Time:      13.30 - 15.00hrs

Places are limited, so book early! 

To register please email


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