5 reasons why automation will help protect your team and reduce running costs…
// January, 2017

5 reasons why automation will help protect your team and reduce running costs…

Automation within facilities has become more and more common in recent years, all new facilities and refurbishment projects of any reasonable size seem to be looking at the pro’s and con’s of automation.

It has been recognised that in any average animal facility regardless of its size will have its fair share of risks from heavy bags of used bedding, repetitive action of cage scraping and cleaning. Other risks include exposure to laboratory animal allergens and muscular skeletal disorders risks.

Tecniplast leads the way with innovative solutions for every facility; here is how automation can help you, your team and definitely your budget!

1. Technology and staff considerations
Your staff are the most valuable asset you have in your facility and automation will IMPROVE morale, standardise procedures and training, attract and retain team members - but above all else will reduce health and safety concerns

2. Technology and cost control
Automation will help you to REDUCE costs. It does that in five simple ways: reduces labour, increase productivity, MAXIMISES equipment utilisation, MINIMISES downtime, FOCUSES staff on higher value work and will help you to reduce training costs

3. Technology and science
The work that you carry out is ultimately all about the science, and automation plays a key role in ensuring scientific rigor. It improves quality control, manages your health status, controls contamination and improves productivity.

4. Limited space in your facility? No problem!
Opportunity of retrofitting equipment in virtually ANY size of facility. Choices now are even more flexible, adaptable and scalable... click here to see the Apollo video or just talk with your Account Manager to find out more!

5. Return on investment
You will see a return on investment by combining action points 1, 2 and 3. Your Account Manager will take you through the process... you are sure to be amazed!
We want to help you to reduce costs, protect your staff, and produce reliable and repeatable science. Call us on 0345 050 4556.

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