Introduction to Green Product Strategy

TP’s environmentally aware design is carried out in accordance with our Green Product label (to symbolize outstanding environmental performance) design standards established in 2008. The Green Product , strategy is based on 3 principles: resource efficient design, energy efficient and improved recyclability, through:

Global Warming initiatives: results and Targets

Results in 2011

In 2011 we focused our efforts on energy conservation at our operating facilities, promoting energy conservation campaigns and environmental events organized by our employees.


Results in 2012

Results in 2013

Results in 2014:

Our Target for 2015:

We want to be consistent in our environmental sustainability. We have identified the following objectives:


LCA methodology

Since 2006 TP used the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to track usage of raw material, assembling and distribution, in order to quantify the impact of TP business activities and work to reduce this impact, with the following initiatives:


Environmental initiatives

Research and Development

  • Development of environmental Friendly products

Material procurement

  • Green procurement
  • Compliance with environmental laws and regulations


  • Reducing waste
  • Energy efficiency
  • Prevention water pollution
  • Environmental Risk management


  • Reducing packaging materials
  • Pre assembling products reducing volume to ship
  • Modal Shift
  • More efficient distribution

Sales/customer support

  • Reducing packaging materials
  • Switch to low emissions vehicle for company cars