Tecniplast Training Center: Customer Training



Tecniplast does not simply design, produce and distribute products to its clients. The process ends with training offer, which is an integral part of what we offer, and which is essential for guaranteeing the best productive performance of the products for our customers

Tecniplast Training Centre is at our Worldwide Corporate  HQ; training activities are held in Buguggiate where we have a fully equipped area of over 35,000 sq. meters, with perfectly functioning equipment of all sizes, installed exclusively for training and demonstration purposes.

Our objective is to transfer our knowledge, our experience and our recommendations to each participant, to let them fully exploit the potential of our products, with a complete awareness of all features of our products, to maximize related benefits.

Tecniplast Training Centre courses match theoretical education and practical training. Participants have the opportunity to train on the same products which they will have in their facilities, giving them a competitive advantage in terms of experience.

The courses are normally held within classrooms equipped with the most highly-advanced teaching equipment. Tecniplast Training Centre supplies all the material needed for the training and offers the participants logistic support for the training period.